From 6th May, we are winding down our home delivery service as people return to the pub.

We will continue to have 2 casks of beer available for draught takeaway each week, for collection from the brewery on Fridays 12-5 and Saturdays 12-5.


After April 12th when some pubs reopen, we will continue with local deliveries on Thursdays and Saturdays with collections on Fridays as before. We will continue with the following safety measures:-

  1. Strictly no cash payments. Advance payment via BACS or PayPal is preferable, but we are still able to accept contactless payment on delivery.
  2. We will no longer re use the named plastic 2 and 4 pint milk bottles for our regular customers. Please recycle them as normal instead of giving them back to us. Customers using stainless growlers and our rigid plastic containers we will continue as before, spraying them with antibacterial spray on handling.
  3. Collections from the brewery will be Fridays at arranged times only. This will ensure we don’t get several people arriving at once.
  4. If you would prefer us to leave your delivered beer in a safe place, please let us know in advance.


Having spoken to our regular customers over the last few weeks, we will be continuing with our home delivery routes on Thursdays and Saturdays for the foreseeable future. We know many people are happy to return to the pubs now they have opened, and we are glad to be supplying our local pubs with cask beer again. However, many people are still shielding or are cautious about venturing out, so we will continue to supply those people with draught and bottled beer to their door.

In addition to this, we are now making Fridays a ‘Click and Collect’ day where you can pick up pre-ordered bottled or cask beer from us at the brewery in a pre-arranged collection time between 2pm and 6pm. This may help anyone who would prefer not to wait in for a delivery, or for anyone outside of our usual delivery area. Just call or e-mail us in advance with your order as with home deliveries.

Our front door is open as much as possible but we are serving across a bar at the doorway. If you find the door closed, we may well be inside, just give us a knock or a phone call as we may not hear you.


Now that some pubs have opened, we are really pleased to be able to support them by supplying them with quality beer. Our business ethos has always been centred on draught ale but we have been lucky to also have bottled beer to offer during the last few months.

We know many people will be glad to get back to their local pub and all that it can provide, but there will be many others who would prefer the safety of isolation for a little while longer at least. For that reason, we intend to continue with our draught and bottle home delivery service alongside supplying those pubs who are reopening or providing a take-away service. We will continue to monitor the situation every few weeks and adjust what we provide according to demand.


We now have a delivery system in place which we have been trialling over the last few days with good uptake. At the moment, we are aiming to have a cask of draught beer available, which we will rotate each week, and can be ordered in 2 or 4 pint containers for £6 or £12. We will announce on the website and social media over each weekend what the following week’s beer will be so that it can be pre-ordered. Order through e-mail or phone (07552 218788) and we can give you details of our bank details or PayPal for online payments. We will then deliver later on that week.

We have some Classic which we will be delivering tomorrow (Monday 30th) and will have some Essential up for delivery later this week.

We also have the full range of bottles available in cases of 12 and can do mixed cases if required. £30 per case of 12 or £32 for a case of Hirra lager.

All containers are wiped thoroughly with sanitizer before leaving the brewery and again on delivery.

We should have a separate page of the website up and running the next couple of days where we will update any changes to the delivery system as it evolves.



: : 25/3/20: We have been waiting for clarification on just where we stand in regards to staying open. We will be keeping the brewery closed for the public while we’re in lockdown, but we will be starting a local delivery round next week for bottles and take away draught. We are working out the logistics of this now and will release details as soon as we have them. Stay tuned!



: : 23/3/20: After this evening’s developments, we will now no longer be opening the brewery as planned. We’re in a bit of grey area as we count as food and drink but not an essential item. While we, and many of you, consider beer to be an ‘essential item’, we need to wait for official clarification on this! If we’re allowed to do deliveries, we’ll be on that as soon as possible. Until then, stay safe, stay home and watch this space.



: : 22/3/20: We are still delivering to local shops who need us, so you should find Treen’s bottles locally still.

: : We are opening the brewery Wednesday to Friday 3 – 7pm and Saturday 12 – 5pm for off sales of bottles and draught. We will have at least one cask of beer up which will change weekly and can be bought in 2 or 4 pint takeaway containers. Please note this is strictly off sales only.

: : The door will remain open at all times and hand sanitizer and anti-bac spray will be on the bar. If you’re social distancing and don’t feeling comfortable coming into the building, let us know in advance what you’d like and what time you’re coming. Give us a wave or a shout and we’ll bring your order out to you. Pre-orders and payments are welcome via phone (07552 218788) or e-mail (cornishale@treensbrewery.co.uk)

: : For now we are finding that people are happy coming to us at the brewery, but if we go into lockdown then we will look to offer a delivery service locally. When and if that happens, we will inform people as quickly as we can.

: : Thank you so much if you have already supported us with an order. We have been so touched by the number of people who have offered us help and who have made a point of coming down to support us. It makes such a difference in a time when every small business is struggling to survive.



:: 20/3/20: Today (Friday) we are open at the brewery from 3pm till 7pm for bottle sales. £3 per bottle or £30 per case of 12, with mixed cases available.

:: Tomorrow (Saturday) we have moved our tap session down to the brewery and will no longer be operating out of the Stag Hunt. The pub will be offering take-away beer and food for now.

:: Saturday’s tap session hours will continue- 12 – 5 at the brewery, but for take away only. We will have bottles available, plus a 9 gallon cask of Cloud Cuckoo, for take away in 2 and 4 pint containers. Pre-orders and payments are welcome via phone (07552 218788) or e-mail (cornishale@treensbrewery.co.uk)

:: The door will remain open at all times and hand sanitizer and anti-bac spray will be on the bar. If you’re social distancing and don’t feeling comfortable coming into the building, let us know in advance what you’d like and what time you’re coming. Give us a wave or a shout and we’ll bring your order out to you.

:: We are working out the logistics of a delivery route which will come into play when and if the pubs are closed down and we need to take stricter measures in terms of locking-down.



In these uncertain times, our main priority is to ensure our customers- publicans and drinkers alike- stay safe and healthy.

We will continue to support pubs and other outlets as much as possible while they remain open.

The good news is that as a business whose high standards of beer come about partly through keeping equipment and ourselves meticulously clean, we have plenty of hot water, soap and cleaning products- and we know how to use them!


From the 20th March, we will open the brewery on Friday between 3pm and 7pm, for sale of bottles for take away. Contactless payment available, and we can literally offer you a drive-by service if you want to order in advance with a pick-up time, we’ll bring the beer out to your car.


While the pubs are still open, we will continue our Saturday tap session at the Stag Hunt from 12-5. We will have draught beer available for takeaway in 2 and 4 pint containers, or bottles for purchase too. Contactless payment will be available and again, if you are uncomfortable entering the building, or are social distancing, we can take advance orders and will bring your order out to the car if you pull in outside.

It goes without saying that all staff in the pub and the brewery are taking extra precautions in terms of hand-washing and hygiene, to ensure that they- and you- remain as safe as possible.


We will be reviewing this every few days in light of government advice, and if anyone has any individual concerns or difficulty reaching us, then please get in touch and we will try and sort your beer needs for you!